Billy the Kid (1930)
Directed by
King Vidor
Writing credits
Walter Noble Burns (book The Saga of Billy the Kid)
Wanda Tuchock (continuity)
Laurence Stallings (dialogue)
Charles MacArthur (additional dialogue)
Genre: Western

Plot Summary: In this version of the Billy the Kid legend, Billy, after shooting down land baron William Donovan's henchmen
for killing Billy's boss, is hunted down and captured by his friend, Sheriff Pat Garrett. He escapes and is on his way to Mexico
when Garrett, recapturing him, must decide whether to bring him in or to let him go.

Cast (credits order)
Johnny Mack Brown .... William H. 'Billy the Kid' Bonney (as John Mack Brown)
Wallace Beery .... Deputy Sheriff Pat Garrett
Kay Johnson .... Claire Randall
Karl Dane .... Swenson
Wyndham Standing .... John W. 'Jack' Tunston
Russell Simpson .... Angus McSween
Blanche Friderici .... Mrs. McSween (as Blanche Frederici)
Roscoe Ates .... Old Stuff (as Rosco Ates)
Warner P. Richmond .... Bob Ballinger
James A. Marcus .... Colonel William P. Donovan (as James Marcus)
Nelson McDowell .... Frank Hatfield
Jack Carlyle .... Mr. Dick Brewer
John Beck .... Butterworth
Chris-Pin Martin .... Santiago (as Chris Martin)
Marguerita Padula .... Nicky 'Pinky' Whoosiz
Aggie Herring .... Mrs. Emily 'Emmy' Hatfield

Rest of cast listed alphabetically
Hank Bell .... (uncredited)
Don Coleman .... (uncredited)
Frank Hagney .... Grant (uncredited)
Soledad Jiménez .... Bit Part (uncredited)
Lucille Powers .... (uncredited)
Frank Reicher .... General Lew Wallace (uncredited)
Jack Rockwell .... Polka-Dot (uncredited)
Carl Stockdale .... 'Buster', a Would-be Settler (uncredited)
Blackjack Ward .... (uncredited)

Also Known As: The Highwayman Rides (USA) (TV title)
Runtime: 98 min / USA:95 min (Turner library print)
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Sound Mix: (Western Electric Sound System)
Certification: USA:Passed (National Board of Review)
  • The 70-mm widescreen version was used in the movie's initial showings. That version, developed by MGM and called
        "Realife," no longer exists.

  • The pistols carried by Johnny Mack Brown were the actual pistols that belonged to the real Billy the Kid. They were
        loaned to the studio for the picture by William S. Hart, who had them in his private collection.


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