Shark Monroe (1918)
Directed by
William S. Hart
Written by
C. Gardner Sullivan (also story)
Genre: Adventure / Drama / Romance

Plot Summary: Shark Monroe is the captain of a sealing vessel in Alaskan waters. He takes on Marjorie Hilton and her brother
Webster as working passengers when they are left stranded. Though a tough, hard-bitten man, Monroe finds himself mellowing
under the influence of Marjorie. He protects her from the unclean desires of the white slaver Big Baxter, and ultimately Marjorie
sees the decent man behind Monroe's coarse exterior.

Cast (credits order)
William S. Hart .... Shark Monroe
Katherine MacDonald .... Marjorie Hilton
Joseph Singleton .... Big Baxter
George A. McDaniel .... Webster Hilton
Bert Sprotte .... Onion McNab

Runtime: N/A
Country: USA
Color: Black and White
Sound Mix: Silent

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