The Captive God (1916)
Directed by
Charles Swickard
Written by
Monte M. Katterjohn (also story)
Genre: Adventure

Plot Summary: A little Spanish boy is shipwrecked and cast ashore in Mexico in the sixteenth century. Raised as a god by the Tehuan
tribe, who have never before seen a white man, the boy is named Chiapa. At manhood, Chiapa rules the Tehuans. When the priestess
Tecolote, whom he loves, is kidnapped by the Aztec warrior Mexitli, Chiapa follows in hopes of rescuing her.

Cast (credits order)
William S. Hart .... Chiapa
Enid Markey .... Lolomi
P. Dempsey Tabler .... Mexitli (as P.D. Tabler)
Dorothy Dalton .... Tecolote
Robert McKim .... Montezuma
Dorcas Matthews .... Maya
Herbert Farjeon .... Cacama
Bob Kortman .... Tuyos (as Robert Kortman)
William Desmond

Runtime: N/A
Country: USA
Color: Black and White
Sound Mix: Silent

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