The Dawn Maker (1916)
Directed by
William S. Hart
Written by
C. Gardner Sullivan (also story)
Genre: Short / Western

Plot Summary: Joe Elk, half-Indian, half-white, attempts to secure for his tribe the benefits of schools and medicine such as he had seen
on a trip to Montreal, far to the south. Joe loves Alice McRae, daughter of the local trading-post factor. But both Alice and the tribe reject
Joe's entreaties. A blizzard threatens to destroy them all.

Cast (credits order)
William S. Hart .... Joe Elk
Blanche White .... Alice McRae
William Desmond .... Bruce Smithson
J. Frank Burke .... Walter McRae
Joe Goodboy .... Chief Troubled Thunder

Runtime: 5 min.
Country: USA
Color: Black and White
Sound Mix: Silent

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