The Patriot (1916)
Directed by
William S. Hart
Written by
Monte M. Katterjohn (also story)
Genre: Short / Western

Plot Summary: Bob Wiley, a veteran and a patriot, discovers gold on his New Mexico ranch. He mines it secretly, hoping to
build up a fortune for his son Bobby. But his secret is found out, and corrupt government officials swindle him out of his land
and kill his son in the process. Wiley renounces his country and joins with a the bandit Pancho Zapilla, who plans a raid on
Wiley's hometown. Wiley sees the error of his decision, but is there still time to stop the destruction of the town?

Cast (credits order)
William S. Hart .... Bob Wiley
George Stone .... Little Bobs
Francis Carpenter .... Billy Allen
Joe Goodboy .... Himself
Roy Laidlaw .... Pancho Zapilla
Milton Ross .... Denman Hammond
P. Dempsey Tabler .... Jordan Mason (as P.D. Tabler)
Charles K. French .... Colonel Bracken

Runtime: 5 min.
Country: USA
Color: Black and White
Sound Mix: Silent

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