Truthful Tulliver (1916)
Directed by
William S. Hart
Written by
J.G. Hawks (also story)
Genre: Western

Plot Summary: Truthful Tulliver, a newspaperman in the Western town of Glory Hole, comes into conflict with Deacon Doyle,
who runs the local saloon. Tulliver runs Doyle out of town, but Doyle returns and tries to kill Tulliver. But Tulliver turns the
tables on Doyle and his boss, York Cantrell, and drives both of them out of town. He discovers, however, that the girl he loves,
Grace Burton, apparently loves Cantrell, so Tulliver goes after Cantrell for the sake of Grace. What Tulliver doesn't realize
though is that it's not Cantrell that Grace loves, it's himself.

Cast (credits order)
William S. Hart .... Truthful Tulliver
Alma Rubens .... Grace Burton
Nina Byron .... Daisy Burton
Norbert A. Myles .... York Cantrell
Walter Perry .... Silver Lode Thompson
Milton Ross .... Deacon Doyle

Runtime: 50 min.
Country: USA
Color: Black and White
Sound Mix: Silent

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